Silicone Rubber Sheet – White

Silicone Rubber Sheet is a medium hardness general purpose silicone sheeting. It has excellent sealing properties at both high and low temperatures. Silicone rubber will withstand temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees centigrade and as high as 230 degrees centigrade.

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Product Description

A general purpose silcone sheeting giving excellent sealing properties at both high and low temperatures. Applications include: Catering, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Food and Beverage, HVAC, Industrial and lighting.

Temperature Range:

  • Minimum temperature: -60 °C
  • Maximum temperature: +230 °C
  • Intermittent maximum: +250 °C

Complies with:

American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 177 – 2600, BFR XV Empfehlung and colour bleed test according to BFR Empfehlung part B 11 & Directive EC 1935/2004.

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Service) for use with potable water at temperatures up to 85 °C

Flammability requirements of FAR 25/JAR 25/CS 25 Appendix F, part 1, (a) (1)(iv) and (a)(1)(v) horizontal flammability tests and Automotive Standard PART 571FMVSS302.

Environmental Resistance:

Has excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation and weathering in general.

General Characteristics

  • Brittle point: -80 °C (ASTM D746)
  • Limiting Oxygen Index: 24% (BS 2782 Part 1)
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.24 W/m/K (VDE 0304)
  • Radation Resiance: >10-5 Grays (107 Rads) typical
  • Dielectric Strength: (VDE 0303)
  • Dielctric Constant: 2.9 (VDE 0303)
  • Dissipation Factor: 2×10-4 (VDE 0303)
  • Volume Resistivity: 3×1015Ω.cm

Thicknesses available are: 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm

Roll lengths: 10mtr

Roll Width: 1200mm.

Technical Specification


1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm

Please Note: There is a tolerance of +/-5% for all sizes of rubber sheeting, rubber matting and sponge rubber products.

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